Mastering Microneedling with Dr. Lance Setterfield

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Whether you call it dermal needling, collagen induction therapy, or microneedling, there's one thing for sure. Estheticians need more information on the science behind one of the industry’s hottest trends, as well how to safely get results. In this one-hour webinar with Dr. Lance Setterfield, we're talking all things microneedling, and you're invited!

Dr. Setterfield paved the way as one of the first physicians in Canada to incorporate medical needling into his practice, and consequently supports clinics in many parts of the world as a consultant. His passion is in researching the effects of dermal needling, combined with pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients, while also conducting trials on new skin lighteners for US-International joint venture companies.

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I’m a nurse and master esthetician  in Virginia.  I’m looking forward to your webinar. 

Does the ascp cover microneedling?

Great question, Stephanie! The liability coverage that comes as one of the benefits of ASCP membership does include coverage for microneedling services. Depending on your needle depth, this would either be covered under your regular ASCP membership or under our Advanced Modality Insurance (AMI). To determine the best coverage for you, please contact our Advanced Modality Specialist at for more information!

Emily Morgan (ASCP Membership Program Manager)

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