Meet Brenda Acosta

A conversation with Brenda Acosta, president of DiamondTome, manufacturer of crystal-free microdermabrasion devices.

Q. How was DiamondTome conceived?
A. DiamondTome was conceived over 20 years ago by Steve Waldron, a brilliant engineer and a good friend of mine. He was asked to repair a constantly clogging Italian crystal microdermabrasion machine developed by a leading plastic surgeon. Steve decided he could make it better by removing the crystals and adhering real diamonds to the end of a wand to remove the stratum corneum safely and effectively.

Q. What should estheticians know about microdermabrasion?
A. There are several key points estheticians should know about microdermabrasion: It can be done safely on the entire body, unlike chemical peels; you have more control over how deep you can go to remove skin; and unless you are allergic to nickel, it is nonallergenic, whereas some peels, which have many ingredients in them, can cause a bad reaction without the esthetician or client knowing what caused it.

Q. What types of education or training do you provide estheticians?
A. We provide estheticians with training on how to use our machines optimally, as well as training on proper microdermabrasion techniques for the entire body.

Q. DiamondTome is celebrating 20 years in business. What are some of the most exciting changes in esthetics the company has seen since its beginning?
A. For me, the most exciting change in esthetics I’ve seen is the consumer is so much more educated now. They know what they’re supposed to do before and after a treatment because they’ve already done their research; they’ve seen results other people have achieved and want the same. This makes them more compliant with pre- and posttreatment protocols because they understand, and are actually invested in, their treatment plans.

Q. What are the most important aspects of being a good leader?
A. I think the most important aspects of being a good leader are the abilities to listen more and talk less. You can learn a lot more by doing this. I also believe a good leader has a passion for everything they do and surrounds themselves with smart, passionate people who are experienced and knowledgeable. In this way, a leader can continue to grow, learn, and lead more effectively. 

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