National Black Estheticians’ Week

SpaSho Media has announced the fourth annual National Black Estheticians’ Week (NBEW) February 22–28, 2023. This event is held at 7 p.m. EST daily in the Virtual Reality Experience created by Black Headline News (BHN). 

The event will kick off with a live panel of estheticians discussing their specific areas of expertise and answering questions.  

Panelists for this event include: 

  • Katina Gilmore, The Skin Health Coach  
  • Tiffany Lenox, Lenox Skincare  
  • Nichelle Mosley, Queen City Beauty Group + Wellness  
  • Pamela Springer, Global Skincare  
  • Heather Weatherspoon, Exquisite Lengths Beauty Bar 

NBEW Theme 

The theme for this year’s event is “Ode to the Esthetician” and is focused on showing reverence to the esthetician. Often serving as skin care and beauty advisors as well as trusted confidantes and wellness supporters, estheticians deserve to be recognized. So, throughout NBEW, clients are encouraged to “sing the praises” of their esthetician, via creative odes, videos, and testimonials, posting them onto social media.

Black History Month Celebration 

NBEW is a seven-day celebration taking place in the Black History Virtual Reality Experience, created by BHN. There, BHN and its publishing partners will be hosting a variety of forums related to the celebration of Black history, and various replays will be available, including those related to NBEW. 

Everyone is welcome to celebrate NBEW. Visit the Skincare Town Hall and the entire Black History Virtual Reality Experience. 

For more information on NBEW and the NBEW panelists, visit

For ways estheticians can celebrate NBEW and participate in NBEW 2023, visit 

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