A New Type of Wax Warmer


ASCP: How did the idea for The Mella come to be?
April Bartlett: In an industry built on aesthetics, I could never understand why the equipment we use to do our jobs is so unsightly and nearly impossible to keep clean. That's where the idea began. Over time, I talked with estheticians across the country and I honed in on fixing the top three complaints with all wax warmers on the market: appearance, cleanliness, and time.

ASCP: The Mella has an app! Why is that important?
AB: It’s happened to all waxers at least once: the wax isn't hot enough for the first client! The Mella App solves this in 2 modes:

  • Automatic Schedule: You can schedule Mella to turn on and off according to your salon hours. The hands-free control makes sure the wax is at the perfect temperature when you get to the salon and turns off for you when you’re done for the day.
  • On Demand: Going in on an off day for a special client?  Tap Mella on while driving in. Get home and not sure if you turned it off? Tap Mella off from your couch.

ASCP: What do you want estheticians to know about The Mella?
AB: The Mella has three features that make it the best professional wax warmer on the market:

  1. Mella App: You control it—it doesn't control you. 
  2. Mella Skin: The patented removable silicone skin covers the entire outside of Mella and is naturally nonstick, making clean-up easy with any wax. Not only does your wax warmer look brand new every day with little time or effort, it comes in six color choices to complement your decor. If the skin starts to look old or you simply want to change your color scheme, just get a new skin rather than a whole new machine.
  3. Mella Style: Sophisticated equipment for a sophisticated salon. I know you put great effort into creating a particular environment and experience for your clients; Mella strives to be equipment that is as refined as your salon and that you're proud to display.

ASCP: What challenges did you overcome to bring The Mella to market?
AB: I'm a solo esthetician with a small storefront in Seattle; in other words, I'm just like you. Since I'm not a big company, funding was and is my biggest challenge. I sold my house to afford getting Mella off the ground. I'm not saying that for sympathy votes, it's just the most honest answer to the question. I'm grateful and feel so lucky that I had something like that to kickstart my project without a bank or investor hanging over my head. I truly believe in this product and know that estheticians will love it. Now it's all about getting the word out there, so please share!

ASCP: What advice would you give esties who want to develop their own product?
AB: No one wants to look back and say "what if." If you do your "what if," don't stop until you're proud of your efforts. Win or lose, at least you're proud of yourself.

To learn more about The Mella, visit https://themella.com,


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I'm a newbie - started esthetics school this year, but products with stories like yours inspire people to seize opportunities, take chances, and put unwavering effort behind what you believe in.   Thank you!

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