New York Bill Would Allow Microneedling

Are you interested in expanding your service menu and offering a high-end, sought-after service? Assembly Bill 2548 (AB 2548) would allow licensed estheticians to practice microneedling, and we encourage you to support the bill. If AB 2548 passes, licensed estheticians would be allowed to microneedle after completing a five-hour course with theory centered on public safety and proper tool use.

The bill needs to gain traction, and you can help by educating lawmakers on how adding microneedling to your scope of practice should be a priority this legislative session! As of now, acupuncturists are the sole professionals who can perform microneedling in New York.

Legislative Assistant Essi Aziagbe wants to help us move this bill forward. Email her at with letters of support for AB 2548. In your letter, explain how microneedling will benefit your clients and the esthetics industry. Consider using some of the talking points below in your letter.

  • Microneedling is currently within the esthetician scope of practice in 14 states—New York should join those other states and broaden its scope of practice for licensed estheticians.
  • As a provision for New York licensure, estheticians must complete robust classroom instruction and practical training, including education on treatment protocols and indications and contraindications. This educational background prepares and primes licensed estheticians to effectively combine microneedling with other complementary treatments and products.
  • Passing AB 2548 would create educational standards for safe and competent microneedling practice, which would increase public protection by ensuring licensed estheticians receive the required certification training outlined in the bill to perform the advanced modality.
  • Passing AB 2548 would elevate the esthetics profession by validating skills and expertise in a niche area, which can lead to better, more profitable job opportunities. In turn, licensees can offer a popular, high-end service to consumers, which could lead to client retention, and estheticians would no longer have to refer clients to someone else for a procedure they can perform.

ASCP supports this bill and wrote a letter to the New York legislature. Let’s advocate for and advance the esthetics industry together!

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