Ohio Issues Final Rules Affecting Schools

School’s back in session—it’s time to learn about the new rules issued by the State Cosmetology and Barbering Board (Board) that may affect your school or professional practice. ASCP is here to instruct you on the new rules that go into effect February 12, 2024 (don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz).

Student Identification
The new rules now require a student’s ID badge to indicate the type of program in which they’re enrolled.

School Layout
The new rules add new esthetics, manicuring, barbering, and cosmetology school layout requirements:

  • Schools offering esthetics or manicuring programs must have at least one sink with hot and cold running water for every 15 students.
  • All chemicals in a licensed school used for the practice of barbering, or a branch of cosmetology, must be stored in a safe location that is not readily accessible to students and/or members of the public.
  • Schools offering cosmetology, barber, hair design, or natural hairstyling programs must have adjustable-height chairs or hydraulic-reclining chairs.
  • Every school must have a paper towel dispenser or equipment to dry hands.

Student Enrollment Procedure
The new rules require a copy of a government-issued document that displays an applicant’s date of birth. This is in replacement of a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate. An applicant will no longer need to provide two current, identical photos.

Instructors on Premises
The new rules require licensed instructors to be on school premises to prevent dependence on third-party resources for education. All theory and practical courses for program hours must be taught and led by a licensed instructor; third-party resources may be used to provide additional context and information but cannot be used as the sole method of instruction.

School Floor Plan Requirements
The new rules address school floor plans to ensure all licensed schools have adequate space and facilities to operate. The rules require floor plans submitted to the Board to be prepared by an architect. The reasoning behind this rule is due to the discrepancies observed by the Board between submitted floor plans and actual facilities upon inspection.

Prohibited Acts
The new rules address acts that are prohibited by licensees that may result in administrative action. One new prohibited act that could result in a fine and/or suspension, revocation, or denial of any license, permit, or registration is the failure to produce a current government-issued form of photo ID upon inspection or request while engaging in the practice or instruction of cosmetology, branches of cosmetology, barbering, or boutique services.

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