Oregon Clarifies Advanced Esthetics Devices

If you’ve ever waffled on whether a modality was within scope due to the device it requires, you can unfurrow your brows because rules were created to shed light on these often murky waters. The Oregon Health Authority recently issued final rules defining what devices an advanced esthetician may use. Following is a list of devices Oregon is permitting, effective January 26, 2024.

An advanced esthetics device is a/an:

  • Intense pulse light
  • Laser
  • Piece of equipment or mechanism that meets the following:
    • Shares the same risk and safety qualities as lasers and intense pulse light devices
    • Is capable of performing nonablative procedures on the skin or hair
    • Is capable of performing procedures in conjunction with a modality
    • Is registered with the US Food and Drug Administration

An advanced esthetician is limited to using advanced esthetics devices for services that:

  • Are nonablative
  • Are performed on the hair and skin
  • Go beyond the epidermis

Note: An advanced esthetics device may not be of greater risk, or greater inherent risk, than a laser or intense pulse light.

Some Disclaimers
It’s an advanced esthetician’s responsibility to be trained and educated on the devices and procedures they choose to use in their practice of advanced, nonablative esthetics.

It’s an advanced esthetician’s responsibility to determine if any services or devices they choose to use on clients are prohibited by law. Services provided and devices used by an advanced esthetician that are prohibited, unsafe, dangerous, or cause harm may result in a violation of incompetence, negligence, or unprofessional conduct.

If you have questions, email carrie.edwards@oha.oregon.gov.

Effective date: January 26, 2024

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