The Peptide Perspective (Volume 1)

Shannon O'Brien on the ASCP Esty Talk podcastEp 30 - The Peptide Perspective (feat. Susan Wade)

Peptides are an extremely broad subject with many areas of opportunity in skin care. Recent research indicates that some types of peptides may have a beneficial role in slowing the aging process, reducing inflammation, and even destroying microbes. A vast array of peptides can be found in many skin care products, promising everything from tighter, more youthful skin to longer, thicker lashes. So, how do you sort through the hype to understand what each peptide does and whether it will even be effective? In the ASCP Esty Talk Ingredient Decked Out subseries “The Peptide Perspective,” we explore many opinions and perspectives to help bring clarity, answer questions, and dispel misinformation. In Volume 1, we discuss peptides with Susan Wade of Viktoria De’Ann.

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About Susan Wade:

Susan joined Viktoria De’Ann in 2015 as the Director of Education and Sales after working in the health and education industry for over 30 years. Education and learning are paramount to Susan. She holds a master’s degree in higher education and is a licensed esthetician and certified strength and nutrition coach. She is currently pursuing another advanced certification in applied functional medicine to dive deeper into skin and health issues for her clients. Susan’s passion lies in understanding the complexities of physiology, nutrition, and peptide science, and sharing her knowledge with estheticians to incorporate each component to achieve unparalleled results.

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