The Peptide Perspective (Volume 3)

Shannon O'Brien on the ASCP Esty Talk podcastEp 32 - The Peptide Perspective (feat. Benjamin Knight Fuchs)

Peptides are an extremely broad subject with many areas of opportunity in skin care. We can explain them simply by saying they are smaller versions of proteins, short strings of amino acids in groups of 2-50. As we know, amino acids are also the building blocks of proteins, but proteins contain significantly more amino acid chains. Because of their smaller size, peptides may prove to be more bioavailable than proteins and easily penetrate and effect the skin. Recent research indicates that some types of peptide could have a beneficial role in slowing the aging process, reducing inflammation, and even destroying microbes. Many skin care products contain many, many different peptides promising everything from tighter, even, youthful skin, to longer, luscious lashes. So, how do you sort through the hype to understand what each peptide does and if it will be effective? In the ASCP Esty Talk Ingredient Decked Out Sub Series – The Peptide Perspective, we explore many opinions and perspectives to help bring clarity, answer questions and dispel misinformation. In Volume 3, we discuss peptides with Pharmacist Ben Fuchs.

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About Benjamin Knight Fuchs

Benjamin Knight Fuchs is a registered pharmacist, nutritionist, cosmetic chemist, and the founder and formulator of Truth Treatment Systems. Benjamin has been compounding custom prescription medications and skin care products and has been consulting with physicians and patients for more than 35 years. Benjamin is nationally recognized for his work as the on-air pharmacist/nutritionist host of The Bright Side radio program and lectures nationwide on the importance of strategic use of cosmetics and nutritional supplementation for healthy skin and wellness.

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