Position Yourself as an Expert

Are we losing our personal connections? Websites and apps that were once just a source of entertainment are now where people turn to for advice. Here are some tips on how to position yourself as the expert and grow your business:  

  1. Answer questions. 
  • Spend a few minutes answering questions in forums like Reddit, Facebook, or other outlets. You’ll be seen as knowledgeable and approachable. 
  • Always include “as a licensed esthetician.”  
  1. Create content for your business. 
  • Beyond posting on TikTok and Instagram, don’t forget to blog regularly. 
  • As people read, share, and backlink to your content, you get the bonus of Google considering you an expert, which changes page placement and drives more traffic to your business.  
  1. Take a deep dive into your chosen topics. 
  • Offer more in-depth explanations.  
  • Consider an opinionated stance on your topic, but back it up with data. Sharing your expert knowledge will build trust faster than trying to please everyone with a middle-of-the-road position. 
  1. Earn social proof. 
  • Do not be afraid to ask for reviews. 
  • Post client testimonials, which increase your content and build street cred. 
  1. Be expensive. 
  • Most people are conditioned to assume that expensive equals quality. 
  • When you charge more than others, you’re telling them you have superior skills. 

Are you new to the industry and feel you haven’t yet established your niche in the market or built your expertise? Here, Entrepreneur.com shares 10 steps to becoming an industry expert in the next 12 months:  

  1. Purchase the top 10 most popular books on your subject. 
  2. Follow the top industry experts. 
  3. Take an industry course. 
  4. Make connections with others in the domain. 
  5. Join an industry networking association. 
  6. Attend industry trade shows. 
  7. Participate in relative industry advisory groups. 
  8. Listen to podcasts. 
  9. Stay up to date on industry news. 
  10. Volunteer for a nonprofit organization. 


How do I promote myself as an esthetician? 

  • Ask for referrals. 
  • Reward clients with loyalty cards. 
  • Run social media marketing campaigns. 
  • Maximize community outreach and partner with local businesses as well as your chamber of commerce. 
  • Optimize your website to increase SEO and visibility. 

How long does it take to become a successful esthetician? 

Training to become an esthetician takes, on average, 6 months full-time or 9 months part-time. A clock-hour program equates to 600–800 hours. 

How do new estheticians get clients? 

  • Create a portfolio to showcase your work and before-and-after pictures. 
  • Market yourself on social media. 
  • Develop a relationship with beauty industry insiders including fellow estheticians, manufacturers, and suppliers. 
  • Ask for referrals and build credibility with online reviews. 
  • Run promotions to increase your client list. 


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