Practicing the Greatest Love of All

We're celebrating Valentine's Day today!

You're Invited. But, it's BYOV!

Today, everyone has a Valentine.

Whether you’re in a relationship, healing from one, or going solo for some time now, it’s easy to equate our self-worth with the love we receive from others on Valentine's Day. We invite you to think beyond the Hallmark holiday, designed for people who profess their love for others by buying cards, chocolates, and flowers. Instead of, or in addition to, your original plans, we challenge you to treat yourself to some Valentine’s Day love, too. Whitney Houston said it best when she said, "Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all." We promise you it’s the best return on any love investment you’ll ever have.

Embrace the great feeling of filling up your cup so that you can continue to fill up others. As many have said, if we don’t love ourselves, it’s difficult to love others. Here are some tips on how to bring the greatest love of all to your life.

Practice gratitude.

  • Think about the top 10 things you like about yourself or make you proud, and write them down. Put them somewhere you can often see.

Give yourself a gift of self-love every day.

  • Whether you take time for a facial, drop into a yoga class, or stop to savor a few more sips of tea before running out the door, do it with the intention of self-love.

Cut yourself some slack.

  • Accept the fact you can’t be everything to everyone—and then own it! It’s OK to say “no” to things without guilt. It’s also OK to recognize that you’re never going to be society’s version of perfect, but you can always be perfectly you—and that is way more authentic and lovable, anyway!

Wherever you find yourself this Valentine’s Day, we hope you realize that all the love you need is already inside of you, waiting to be let out! Take our invitation, and fall in love with yourself.

Sending you love today and every day,

Your friends at ASCP

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