QA with CG Funk

Q. Why did Massage Heights decide to provide skin care services?

A. Massage Heights has always been focused on offering services that give our guests true therapeutic experiences. We know that maintaining healthy skin is important to our overall wellness and including facials into our menu allows our guests to truly care for themselves from head to toe.

Q. What should estheticians know about working for Massage Heights?

A. Massage Heights’ franchisees are committed to providing supportive and caring work environments for their estheticians and massage therapists. Our retreats are beautiful, and our treatment rooms are designed to offer a luxurious experience for our guests, as well as a wonderful work environment for our estheticians and massage therapists. We have high regard for the work estheticians provide and love their passion for serving each guest with personalized, therapeutic, and beautifying sessions.

Q. What type of training and support do you provide for Massage Heights estheticians?

A. At Massage Heights, we believe in supporting our franchisees’ employees through many training programs and learning opportunities. We have an extensive onboarding process through our learning management system as well as continued training through our vendor partners.

Q. Any myths you’d like to debunk about working for a franchise?

A. Franchises are operated by small business owners who live in the communities they are serving. Franchise businesses are not large corporate giants, but rather individuals who chose to open a business that brings health and healing to the guests they serve, creating wonderful career opportunities in their local areas. A franchise company is comprised of franchisees, their employees, and a franchise support center that oversees the design and standards for the brand to ensure the highest quality services are always facilitated in safe and professional ways.

Q. Any exciting news or new services on the horizon you’d like to share?

A. We have launched a virtual show and podcast called Outside the Room. An industry first, Outside the Room is the first-ever podcast and virtual show that aims to further support the work of massage therapists and estheticians and increase awareness on the purpose and value of these wellness careers. Massage therapists and estheticians spend 80 percent of their workdays with a guest behind closed doors, which can keep them isolated and disconnected from the larger world of wellness. The podcast and virtual show will serve as a place for professionals in the industry to learn, grow, and connect as hands-on healers, helping to build a community and a resource for massage therapists and estheticians.

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