Q&A with Crickett Enos

Q: How did you come to own your own waxing product company?
A: I guess you could say it was born out of necessity. I wanted something for myself and my students that I knew would provide superior results in the treatment room. When I started out as an educator, at every training session someone would ask if they could purchase product from me. I had none to sell; all I could do was give them a recommendation to purchase whatever wax I was using at the time.  By then I had tried a lot of waxes and products and was yet to find my “forever” wax. I knew I wanted to create a high-quality wax with superior ingredients and results. And so Beelicious wax was born.  

Q: How did you get into education?
A: Believe it or not, waxing wasn't my strong suit. In fact, I hated it—because I didn't know what I was doing. I had never been properly trained. So, I set about searching for advanced education, which was slim pickings (and still is). Eventually, I was able to find training that helped me feel more confident in my skills. I was no longer paralyzed by fear when I saw waxing on my schedule. That experience got me thinking that if I was afraid of waxing, surely there were others who felt the same, and that’s when I decided to become an educator. I wanted to help people get over the fear and reach their highest waxing potential with confidence.

Q: What accomplishments are you most proud of as a business owner and leader?
A: I am most proud of my role as a leading educator in the industry. I have been able to produce six educational DVDs, as well as multiple online waxing certification courses and nationwide workshops. When people follow up after training to tell me how much more comfortable and confident they feel with waxing, or how much their business has grown, it strengthens and confirms my purpose.

Q: Why should an esthetician consider adding waxing to their suite of services?
A: Waxing services, especially brows and Brazilians, are the most popular and profitable services you can perform. Waxing is literally 1,000 percent profit and then some. Besides the amazing return on investment, waxing is quick, easy, and everything is disposable. Just toss everything in the trash and keep waxing.

Q: What do you think it takes to be an effective leader?
A: The willingness to give of yourself. To let people know you have been there and they can do it, whatever it is. I was so fortunate to have three strong female role models growing up. They led by helping me make my own choices and decisions in a way that built my confidence, and by letting me make mistakes and learn from them. To be a leader is to be compassionate, and open.

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