Q&A with Daniela Woerner

Q: What was the genesis of AddoAesthetics?
A: In 2014, we worked primarily with physician-dispensed skin care brands and medical spas as a marketing, consulting, and training company. About two years in, I experienced a couple of significant shifts in that I became pregnant with my daughter and desired a new work/life blend. I also wanted to focus on helping other estheticians build a thriving business from the ground up. Now, in our sixth year of business, we’ve had the incredible honor of helping thousands of estheticians in 82 countries learn how to increase their retail sales and build a business and life they love. 

Q: What did you see in the industry that made you realize there was a space for your business?
A: The role of esthetic schools is primarily to teach skin health and treatment, not business fundamentals. I was continually having conversations with estheticians who were incredibly knowledgeable when it came to skin, technique, and ingredients but felt lost with the most basic business principles.

When I was a practicing esthetician, I always excelled in retail sales, and as a spa director of two different seven-figure spas, I gained insight into the inner workings of high-level companies. Now, I share those experiences and knowledge with my audience of estheticians who need that business education and strategy. 

Q: What’s the most common business mistake you see estheticians make?
A: They don′t intimately know their numbers, specifically their key performance indicators (KPIs) and treatment profitability. This lack of attention leads to improper pricing of treatments, which eventually leads to shutting the business’s doors. Many estheticians think they are not “numbers people,” so they avoid them, but numbers don’t have to be hard, tedious, or scary. Knowing your numbers allows for finding areas of opportunity in your business and scaling to the next level.

Q: What’s the one piece of advice you think every solo esthetician needs to hear?
A: Believe in yourself and know your worth. When you genuinely believe in yourself, you gain a sense of intuition in knowing that you can address any problem that comes your way. Whether it’s a skill that you need to learn to move your business forward or an unforeseen roadblock you need to overcome, it can be done. On the Spa Marketing Made Easy podcast, we have over 100 episodes teaching business and marketing fundamentals, strategy, and tactics, but none of them will work if you don’t believe in your ability to implement them. 

Q: What are the characteristics of an effective leader?
A: Effective leaders need to get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations and asking difficult questions. They also have to be OK with not having all the answers and be willing to stand up for what they believe is right. Also, having the emotional intelligence to understand the emotions of those on their team is critical for developing a healthy workplace culture that fosters strong communication and team trust.


Daniela Woerner is a licensed esthetician and owner of AddoAesthetics Academy

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