Q&A with Denise Ryan

Q. Why is LED therapy so popular?
A. It’s popular because it’s easy to use, gets results, and can be used on almost every client. Thousands of studies done on the various uses of LED light therapy prove it is extremely effective at combating acne, wrinkles, and other skin issues, as well as pain and joint conditions. During COVID-19, low-touch/no-touch therapies became particularly popular and Celluma’s unique design, along with our hygiene barriers, fit the bill perfectly. Use as an add-on or stand-alone modality following peels, microneedling, microdermabrasion, and so much more.  

Q. What would you say to an esthetician who is nervous about the initial investment required to provide LED therapy?
A. I understand it can be a costly investment; however, there are many ways to quickly recoup the cost. For example, many of our customers pre-book their Celluma LED light therapy treatments so when the device arrives, they already have clients eager to use it and have paid for the experience. If you plan properly, you can make up the cost in your first month, before your credit card bill even arrives. And each new owner is assigned a dedicated Celluma Clinical Specialist who can help in this planning process with ideas and resources, so you are not figuring this out all alone. 

Q. What type of education or training does Celluma provide estheticians?
A. Celluma light therapy is dedicated to learning and makes education a priority for all new and seasoned Celluma practitioners. We have several archived webinars available foron-demand viewing and are constantly delivering new educational opportunities through webcasts, social media, and virtual events. Additionally, we provide a wealth of marketing and educational assets to our customers. We firmly believe the relationship doesn’t end with the purchase but that it is just the beginning! Your dedicated Celluma Specialist remains an ongoing resource so new practitioners are assured of success right from the start. 

Q. Any exciting news or new products on the horizon you’d like to share?
A. Innovation is at the core of our being, and we continually seek to bring groundbreaking advancements to the light therapy market. So, as you might expect, we do have an exciting new product on the horizon, but I’m not quite at liberty to share the details just yet. I can tell you it will be of the highest quality, FDA-cleared, and backed by science, just as all our devices are. We hope to launch it in late spring/early summer, but with this pandemic continuing to linger we don’t know for sure. Stay tuned! 

Q. What personality traits make a good leader? 
A. Oh, great question! Here’s the 7 Ps (personality traits) of a visionary leader:
Passionate—loving what you do and doing what you love; everything else is a waste of your potential
Patient—the willingness to wait for the right opportunity and the right circumstances to present
Perceptive—hearing what people are saying and listening for what they are not saying
Persistent—sticking with it when nothing is turning out the way it was planned, yet your intentions remain unchanged
Personable—approachable by anyone regardless of station, rank, or position
Perspective—keeping everything in balance and not over-emphasizing any one particular thing out of context
Punctual—not taking another’s time for granted and being where you say you will be when you say you will be there.

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