QA With Ellen Clark

Q. What was the genesis of Control Corrective Skincare Systems?

A. Control Corrective was started in 1997. Our goal from the beginning has been to create a high-performance clinical skin care brand that focuses on meeting the needs of the entrepreneurial esthetician and spa owner. We have always worked to educate our customers and help empower them to work with their clients and get results.

My goal has always been to connect and do business with others that have high integrity, are positive, and want to grow their businesses with shared values and goals. I care deeply about our customers and want to help them grow sustainable skin care companies with products they can be proud of. Our goal is to work with our customers and industry colleagues to introduce high quality, innovative skin care products.

Q. Tell us a bit about your background in esthetics.

A. I grew up with cystic acne and had found no relief until I went to an esthetician—and decided I wanted to help people too. After college, I decided to go to school in 1989 to become a licensed esthetician and opened the first acne skin care clinic in the Bay Area, which expanded to two locations and many additional services. During that time, my former partner and I opened the fi rst skin care distribution company in the area and taught advanced clinical skin care nationwide. Whether by teaching at national trade shows, beauty schools, or our corporate office, we truly care about helping our professional customers.

Q. What should estheticians know about your TCA Master Class?

A: Our new, advanced, on-demand TCA certification course provides in-depth training and theory, and includes everything a licensed skin care professional needs to know about performing a TCA chemical peel safely. In addition, a full video educational demonstration, along with the course, certificate, and handouts are included. This is our second Master Class. Our Jessner Peel Certification, also on demand, launched last year and it is something we had wanted to put together for many years.

Q. Any other exciting news or new products on the horizon that you’d like to share?

A. As we advance and update our formulations, we are excited about evolving. We are already in the process of working on new products due to launch later in the year. Our focus has always been on creating high-performance skin care products and treatments.

Q. How has esthetics education evolved?

A. When I started teaching advanced esthetics many years ago, students had to come to us to learn. Advanced esthetic education was primarily offered at corporate offices, remote locations (hotels), and trade shows. While in-person training is ideal, the reality is that many people (for one reason or another) cannot attend these courses. One of the benefits of the past two years is that brands have realized we must offer on-demand, online courses that allow our professionals to receive advanced knowledge that is convenient to their timetable. It is a long overdue evolution.

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