Q&A with Kathleen Carney

Q. What should estheticians know about Skin Blends?

A. Even though they could not perform services during the lockdown, the estheticians that hooked their clients on Skin Blends products still made money. They even sold more products (scrubs and masks) so their clients could do mini-facials at home. My top accounts actually ordered more products during the pandemic because they used the time to increase their online audiences. My smartest estheticians custom formulate their own product line using Skin Blends bases and additives (with their own packaging). Since they are selling their own proprietary formulations, their clients cannot purchase the products anywhere else! We have very affordable opening-order packages and excellent customer service.

Q. Tell us about the education and training you provide.

A. In addition to our Training Manual, Resource Catalog, and Marketing Brochures (which educate too), we provide videos and eblasts. In addition to product knowledge training, we offer DermaplanePRO Training, Procell Microchanneling Training (Microneeding Evolved), Advanced Wax Training with Agape Waxes, Clear Skin Training, and Equipment Training classes. We also offer custom one-on-one training to meet specific needs.

Q. What new products have you introduced this year?

A. Agape Smoothlee is our new hard wax that even picks up vellus hairs while leaving the skin smoothlee. Agape Compassion is our new gentle cream strip wax that removes all the hair without leaving a sticky residue (in fact, the skin is hydrated after waxing). We don’t introduce new Skin Blends products; instead, we make our existing products better! We put together a Maskne Kit by pairing up existing products and putting them in a package to help people clear the acne that comes from wearing masks. We also made our SPF 30 lotion coral reef safe.

Q. What are some ways you’ve kept going through the pandemic?

A. Thankfully, just like all the hard-working estheticians who purchase products from us, we just kept going. It is great that we love what we do! I think that what we do as personal service providers (showing love, care, and concern for others) helps keep the world a little less crazy. 

Q. Looking forward, what’s next for Skin Blends?

A. We are looking for brand ambassadors and school educators to help us spread the word about the best-kept secret in the esty world. We are also working on more online training classes. 

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