Q&A With NeurotriS

Tony Picciano, founder and CEO of NeurotriS

Q: What was your inspiration for founding NeurotriS?
A: We are an engineering firm and we were inspired by estheticians and spas to design and build a “miracle machine.” Our goal was to improve upon first-generation microcurrent systems by using updated technology and superior quality components to deliver consistent results. With hard work and diligence, we obtained our goal.

Q: What’s the most important thing estheticians should know about microcurrent technology?
A: Not all machines are the same. In order for microcurrent energy to be effective, it is most important that the signals and frequencies are in tune with the client’s skin type and density. We have a great team of engineers who work side by side with users of our technology to ensure we are providing the best microcurrent system with the latest advancements in our industry. And, we have a US patent to back up the uniqueness of our engineering design.

Q: What do you think makes NeurotriS stand out among its competitors?
A: NeurotriS machines have been tested by an FDA-recognized third-party facility to validate that they perform as claimed. Our US-patented biofeedback computers measure skin impedance, and then output a perfect signal based on skin type. Also, NeurotriS uses not one positive and negative channel, but four channels to ensure maximum efficiency in less time. All other machines use only one channel. We pride ourselves on producing quality machines that provide significantly better results. And, we have the FDA licenses, safety attestation reports, a lifetime warranty, and most importantly, the testimonies with before-and-after photos from users around the world to prove it.

Q: Can you tell us about the next big thing for NeurotriS?
A: We are in constant research and development, providing machines that deliver the utmost lift and tone for the face and body. Our technology is upgradable, and we are proud to introduce the NeurotriS third-generation “target specific” microcurrent, which will deliver faster results and comes with a new, modern look. Our third-generation system will have "auto mode" that will adjust the levels and intensity according to skin type, while automatically scanning through different programs to find the one that will give the best results for each treatment. 

Q: What’s the most satisfying part of owning your own business?
A: It is most satisfying to know that as CEO of NeurotriS, I am part of a team that creates, designs, and builds the most advanced skin care machines in the world—right here in California. The greatest compliment I receive is seeing estheticians who use our machines become successful and provide amazing results to their clients.

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