Q&A with Patrick Johnson

Q: What’s new with Celluma for 2019?
A: For 2019, four new versions of the Celluma are being added to the company’s product offering. This includes new 1- and 2-mode devices intended for professionals and consumers who are only interested in esthetic treatments, and another device for those just interested in pain management. We are also introducing a device for anyone interested in only managing acne breakouts. Based on our commitment to continually improve the design and manufacture of Celluma products, we are adding an additional year to our standard manufacturer’s warranty—a reflection on the robust performance of the tens of thousands of devices we have sold in more than 70 countries around the world.

Q: LED therapy continues to grow in popularity. Why do you think that is?
A: Light therapy is a well-proven and valuable modality in the esthetic treatment room. However, until the innovative Celluma was introduced to the market, LED devices were extremely expensive, bulky, and complex to operate. Today, an esthetician can treat multiple conditions with the space-saving, easy-to-use, and affordable Celluma LED panel. Its popularity is testimony to its significant contribution to medical esthetics in only a few short years.  

Q: What should estheticians know about using light therapy?
A: Light therapy is a great standalone treatment, as well as the perfect adjunct to most all other esthetic treatments. By adding the Celluma to their practice, an esthetician can not only create new revenue streams by creating new standalone light therapy services, but also increase the revenue from all of their existing offerings by adding a light therapy treatment, while at the same time enhancing the results they provide their clients. 

Q: Anything else coming from Celluma that you can share?
A: Beyond our new product offerings and our new extended product warranty, we’ve launched a new website, and in the process, updated the look of the product and the company. We are making a significant investment in digital marketing, focused on increasing the general market awareness of the Celluma. We believe this will drive clients to estheticians who have incorporated the Celluma into their practice, and to the degree that those estheticians elect to resell the Celluma, increase the likelihood clients will make their Celluma purchases from the skin care professional they trust the most.

Q: To what do you attribute Celluma’s continued success?
A: Everything we say and do is based in science. That commitment is at the core of our company culture. While other light therapy companies may make outlandish claims about their products and light therapy in general, estheticians can expect nothing but the scientific truth from us. Estheticians know when they are being conned, and we do our best to separate scientific fact from marketing myth. As a result, the Celluma has more regulatory credentials than any other light therapy device in the world. We know this because the Celluma is being sold in 73 countries around the globe as a Class II medical device.

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