Resolutions are Wishes; Goals Can Make Them Reality

Resolutions are Wishes; Goals Can Make Them Reality

By ASCP Staff

It’s that time of year again, when you contemplate a 2022 version of yourself: healthy, productive, and extraordinarily focused on your skin care business. All it will take are a few resolutions. Or goals. Which is it again?

What is the difference between goals and resolutions?

Resolutions are statements of intention, while goals are statements of commitment. Resolutions are often vague, like “I will increase my skin care clientele” or “I will be more active on social media.” They’re often binary. I will do X or I will not do Y. This approach doesn’t align with the way the human brain creates habits. This is why 80 percent of new year’s resolutions fail.

Clarify vague resolutions into specific goals.

“I will increase my skin care clientele” is vague. Does that mean you’ll add one new client in 2022? Does it mean you’ll add one new client every week? When you get specific about what success looks like, it gets much easier to stay connected to your desired outcome and create a plan to get there.

Pair your goal with a simple but comprehensive plan.

Once you’ve set a goal that’s not too vague or too specific, it’s time to make a plan. A good plan will break your goal into smaller milestones that add up to your desired outcome. If your plan is to attract one new client each month in 2022, your milestones might look like:

January: Attend local Chamber of Commerce networking luncheon.

March: Promote new skin care line on social media.

May: Hold an open house and offer service discounts to clients who bring a non-client friend.

July: Promote your newly learned microdermabrasion services on social media.  

September: Volunteer to offer skin care services at a local health fair.

November: Promote gift cards and gift baskets for the holidays on social media. First-time clients receive a special gift (product samples, chocolates, hand lotion).

By following a comprehensive plan, you’ll see the progress you’re making on your goal of attracting one new client each month.

Believe in your goals.Spiral book that says this is your year

Your goal may be to learn microneedling, restructure your menu of services, or rock your social media presence. Whatever your goals are, they must be your goals. You must believe in the goals you set and feel excitement when you think of accomplishing them. If you think it’s something you “should” work on, your chances of success will greatly diminish. You must truly believe there is something in it for you.

What makes you tick?

Think about your own core values when you set your goals. What makes you tick? What makes you get out of bed every morning ready to face the world? Your goals might include taking a chemical peel class, saving money for a European vacation, giving top-notch customer service to every client, or losing 10 pounds. For each of your goals, you will have your own unique core values, and your goals should relate to those values.

Put it in writing.

If you just have thoughts in the back of your mind, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. When your goals are in writing, it’s a powerful statement and promise to yourself to pay attention to the accomplishment of that goal.

You are more likely to achieve goals that are in front of you every day. Writing out an action plan, with due dates for steps along the way, will make the goal even more powerful. If one of your goals is to learn microneedling, research when and where classes are being held, write the dates on your calendar, and clear your books for that day.  

Track your progress frequently.

Every day when you arrive at work, you check your schedule for the day to see what clients you’ll be seeing, the skin care services they’ve booked, and how long their appointment will be. Reviewing your action plan to achieve your goals should become a daily routine, just like checking your appointment book. One of the reasons goals fail is because we neglect to track our progress on a regular basis.

Whether you use a paper planner, computer, smartphone, or another method, enter daily and weekly goals along with actions that support them. If one of your goals is to attract one new client every month, what actions did you take to make this a reality? Did you offer a special promotion on social media? Did you hand out business cards at a networking event?

During the year, you may need to adjust your goals. Just ask yourself if the goal is still right for you, and feel free to revise as necessary.

Both goals and resolutions have merit. Yet we know that resolutions are often forgotten the next day, and goals can be set and reset without consequence. You will reach new professional and personal heights with daily dedication to your own excellence!

It’s time to challenge yourself!

If you aren’t sure what a good goal might be, consider anything that will help your professional development as an esthetician. When you enrich your skill set and invest in education, you have a much greater chance of career growth. Here are some ideas for an action plan for 2022:

  • Learn a new skin care technique or service.
  • Learn a new business or marketing skill.
  • Learn about a new product line or skin care device to keep up with current trends and to answer your clients’ questions.
  • Take an advanced class in your favorite service or your area of expertise. If you’re already an expert, teach a class!
  • Start an educational blog aimed at clients, fellow estheticians, or the public.
  • Attend a trade show for cutting edge education on skin care products, equipment, and the latest skin care ingredients.
  • View an educational video or webinar at least once a month. (ASCP members have access to more than 200 free webinars on demand at

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