Rest and Recalibrate

Most days, we head out the door to greet a fully booked day of clients. It’s what we know, what we’re good at, and how we make our living. It’s how we feel our daily sense of accomplishment. Suddenly, our spaces are locked and our schedules are cleared. Now, many of us are left pondering what exactly can we be doing during this period of closure.

This question has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. I’ve finally come to a conclusion for myself. In a time when most advice is that you should get uber-productive, I’ve decided to go the other route. I’m simply doing my best to rest and recalibrate. Initially, I tried to maintain my old pace, my old mindset, and my go, go, go attitude. That ultimately led to a lot of self-induced pressure but, ironically, very little actual work.

Last week I decided I needed to make a conscious shift toward how I could restore my mind and body during this transition period and get off the crazy treadmill I was trying to ramp up to sprint level every day. Since then, my days have started feeling MUCH easier. I’ve felt a new sense of calm and a burst of creative energy.

I wanted to share this with you in case you’re also feeling a bit frantic. Instead of trying to “work” all day, now might be the perfect time to let that giant knot in your neck start to relax, rehab that old elbow injury, or give your feet a break and hot soak in the tub. Take a nap, read a book, watch a show, cook a big meal. Less do, more be.

Listen, I’m the queen of hyper-productivity. If I were to guess, you might be just the same. But I am learning to relax a bit and let my creative mind wander, which requires only one commodity—time. I suspect clearing that space will lead to some interesting breakthroughs in the coming weeks, but I’m not putting any pressure on myself. After all, working “on” your business instead of “in” your business means accessing your inner visionary. Particularly during this time, I’m finding that she’s much more available in the bathtub than on the laptop.

For all of you Sugaristas out there, we’ve launched a new FB group called Sugarpreneurs Unite that I’d love for you to join! It’s a free space to connect with fellow Sugaristas from all over the globe, share your experiences, and stay uplifted. All Sugaristas as welcome and we can’t wait to meet you.

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Stephanie King
Director of Education & International Distribution Tamara’s Sugar


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