Resurfacing Skin Care Treatments

Nothing feels better than focusing on skin conditions that need a little—or in some cases a whole lot—of resurfacing!

The brand new Lipgloss + Aftershave Fall Resurfacing Skin Care Guide features 12 tips to help you offer effective resurfacing skin care treatments this fall (plus Barry and Jenni’s bonus PRO TIPS!).

  • 2B Bio Peels
  • Ageless CBD Facial Oil
  • BeeDazzle Revitalize
  • Eye Pad + Cleanser Kits
  • CIT Pens
  • Hydra Dew Pure Elixir Balm
  • DiamondTome Microdermabrasion
  • Pre- and Post-Peel Kits
  • Lemon Pumpkin Peels
  • Unscented CBD Salves
  • Mineral Retinol Solutions
  • ProCell Therapies

Say goodbye to your clients’ hyperpigmentation and fine lines, and say hello to improved texture and firm, youthful-looking skin! Read the L+A Fall Resurfacing Skin Care Guide here!


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