Salonch: A New ASCP Partner

What is Salonch?

Salonch is a mobile app that connects beauty industry professionals seeking employment or rental opportunities with the right salon, spa, or barbershop, and allows beauty clients to find beauty services in their area. With Salonch, owners showcase what makes their business unique, what they are looking for in a team member, and what they have to offer the beauty professional. Beauty professionals can learn detailed information about the beauty establishments in their area, bookmark their favorites, and contact the owner directly through the app. Salonch is a free platform for beauty professionals to use and free for owners to create their salon, spa, or barbershop profile. Owners can purchase a job listing ad that is added to their establishment profile.


Salonch Mission

Salonch is on a mission to create the best platform for beauty establishment owners to showcase their business, attract new clients, and build their dream team. Salonch is the one and only platform designed for the professional salon, spa, and barbershop industries that allow users to learn detailed information about all the beauty establishments in their area.

Exclusive Price Benefits for ASCP Members

Salonch gives owners a free detailed business profile with an affordable job listing ad option, and ASCP Members receive a 30% discount on job listing ads.

  • To learn more about Salonch, visit their website at

  • ASCP Members, to learn how you can access your new, exclusive benefit, click the link here!


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