Say “So Long” to the Things Holding you Back



Let them all go, even the ones that seem legit. Holding on to excuses for why something might fail or why it’s not currently working provides too many reasons to just give up. For every excuse you make about why it won’t succeed, you’re eliminating a potential solution before you give it an honest, 100 percent attempt.

For example, if you’re among the legions of estheticians still holding onto the belief that Amazon is “stealing” your retail business, you’re not going to do any better selling retail in your spa because you are already latching on to an excuse. Amazon is going nowhere, so you’re going to have to turn it into part of the solution for increasing your retail sales rather than the excuse for your dismal numbers. Using Amazon as a scapegoat for your lack of sales skills is too easy, so instead learn from Amazon, and use their success as a motivator.

No matter the challenge, leave the excuses behind!

Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda.

There’s more than one way to give the “perfect” facial, wax an eyebrow, or treat fine lines. When it comes to skin, we know the more experience and techniques we have, the better! It’s crazy to see so many esties with their idea of what success in the beauty industry “should” look like, who turn up their nose at any method that differs.

Sarah thinks Sammy is crazy because she still carries business cards everywhere and doesn’t have an Instagram account, but Sammy’s books are full. Sammy thinks it’s unfair Sarah has 90,000 Instagram followers and a successful education business when she has only been an esthetician for five years.

Zoe is upset Meghan left her spa in favor of owning a salon suite, but Zoe wouldn’t accommodate Meghan’s request to rent a space within the spa when she topped out of the commission model.

It’s incredible how resistant many skin pros are to changing spa procedures, systems, strategies, and ideas. It’s time we leave prior notions of how things “should” be done within our industry in the past to open ourselves up to the myriad ways things can be done going forward.


You’re Not a Robot

Within the skin care industry, it is so easy to slip into robot mode. We know that filling our calendars, satisfying our clients, and increasing the size of our paychecks are the ultimate goals. But if that is where all your focus is, and nowhere else, you will burn out. We must devote time and energy to building each other up. It’s time we look at every esthetician as an ally, not an enemy. Community, sisterhood/brotherhood, and camaraderie are the only way we’ll get better together. Let’s help each other be the best possible estheticians we can be.  

If you want things to be different, you must be different. Leave these things in the past and only focus on success, growth, and unity going forward.


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