Skin Challenge: Intergrigo

Intertrigo is a common inflammatory skin rash which occurs in an area of opposing skin surfaces such as skin folds below the breasts or under the abdomen; armpits and groin, or web spaces between fingers and toes.

Symptoms such as pain and itching can be experienced and this significantly decreases a person’s quality of life. There are numerous predisposing factors in society today, particularly with the increase of obesity, diabetes mellitus, and immunosuppressive conditions.

Candidal intertrigo classically presents as erythematous and breaking down/softening of skin (macerated) with scaling on the outskirts. Superficial satellite papules or pustules can also occur.


What is the cause of candida intertrigo in your client?

Intertrigo can be caused by infectious agents, most notably candida, or by factors such as a hot and damp environment in the skin folds (environmental) or through increased sweating (hyperhidrosis), increased skin friction (mechanical) and immunosuppression conditions (chemotherapy, systemic corticosteroids).

Determine any medications; contraindications and cautions before proceeding with any spa treatment.

Treatments that can be offered:

  • Client is to avoid tight clothing
  • Skin to be kept cool and free of excess moisture – clients can be offered cornstarch to apply to skin folds when dressing after a service
  • Moisturising and topical anesthetics/cortisone on skin can help temporarily with pain and itching.

DISCLAIMER: Work within the scope of your license/certification.

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