Skin Challenge: Urticaria & HAV

A patch of skin affected by a urticaria hepatitis weal on skin.URTICARIA IN RELATION TO HEPATITIS A (HAV)

Acute urticaria is commonly observed in people with viral infections, including HAV, HBV and HCV. Urticaria is characterised by weals (hives) or angioedema (swellings, in 10%) or both (in 40%). There are several types of urticaria.

  • A weal (or wheal) is a superficial skin-coloured or pale skin swelling, usually surrounded by erythema (redness) that lasts anything from a few minutes to 24 hours. Usually very itchy, it may have a burning sensation.
  • Angioedema is deeper swelling within the skin or mucous membranes and can be skin-coloured or red. It resolves within 72 hours. Angioedema may be itchy or painful but is often asymptomatic.


What is the cause of VIRAL HEPATITIS A (HAV) in your client?

HAV is an RNA virus that is transmitted mostly by the faecal-oral route, for example by drinking untreated water or by eating contaminated food.  Adults with acute infection generally don’t feel well and HAV never causes a chronic infection.

Determine any medications; contraindications and cautions before proceeding with any spa treatment.

Treatment and topical products that can be offered:

  • Fragrance free, non-irritating topical products. Menthol in Peppermint hydrosol can help with itching.  
  • Cool, wet compresses that contain anti-histamine compounds such as basil, chamomile, etc.
  • Acupuncture/acupressure

DISCLAIMER: Work within the scope of your license/certification.

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