The Skin Games

You won't want to miss this star-studded event. The Skin Games is a year-long, international competition for skin care professionals where competitors from all over the world can enter various categories to test their know-how and showcase their amazing results. All professionals are welcome to enter the competition, come to the trade show, and attend the red-carpet award show.

The Skin Games award show starts at 8:00 pm on Saturday, June 15, at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel, after the ASCP Readers' Choice Awards celebration.

To submit your entry to The Skin Games is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Enter to complete in one or more categories as a skin care professional,
  2. Create and submit your 8-week case-study videos and sheets.
  3. Attend the Live Show in Las Vegas on June 14–15, 2019, where the winners of each category will be announced!

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