Summer is Ending, Now What?

Beautiful, warm, sun- filled summer days are coming to an end with a new season around the corner. About that time to put away the summer dresses, shorts, and sandals only to switch them out for pants, sweaters, and closed-toe shoes. As the leaves on the trees start to change and the weather temps start to drop, we need to start a mind shift—with a new season comes new opportunities.

Have you found yourself in that lull period of waiting for the holiday season to arrive, and haven’t quite hit homecoming or school dances yet? If so, grab that pumpkin-spiced latte and let’s chat about some marketing tips that will help grow your business!

First—when was the last time you rearranged your retail? And I mean really rearranged it to compliment the season. This can be a crucial step in building some more walk-in traffic. ’Tis the season for dropping temps and a dryer climate. Moving moisturizing products, hydrating serums, and exfoliants to your window may trigger your clients’ memory that they may need to help moisturizing their dehydrated skin. Our retail shelves aren’t just for the spa either; promoting moisturizing products, essences, and ampoules on your website will help in your retail sales.

Speaking of retail, having an end-of-summer promotion will help clear out the older products and make room for newer ones to keep that revolving door of products moving along so they don’t get too stale and old.

Try adding seasonal hooks to your marketing. Have you ever walked through a big box store in September and Halloween candy is already out? Christmas trees are already being put up and pumpkins are already on sale outside of grocery stores. Feels like it’s too soon, when it is actually perfect timing. The same concept holds true for your marketing. If you are a makeup or eyelash artist, advertise fun Halloween eye makeup applications to complement a costume, such as big avant-garde lashes.

Try offering autumn specials. We have a lot of ebb and flow in the spa business, especially if we haven’t quite built up our clientele yet. When this time of year falls, a lot of our clients hold out until the last minute to get their waxing and facial treatments done. To help coax them in during these quieter months, offer a complimentary brow wax or tint if they book an appointment by such-and-such a date. We know that this slow period can put a damper on our income, but if we offer something extra that doesn’t take much more of our time or expenses, it can be worth it in the long run of retaining that client and keeping you busy during the lull.

Hosting an event at your spa is also a good way to get publicity. It can be anything from bring-a-friend event or a bachelorette party to help during the slow times. This is also a great way to showcase your knowledge, introduce a new seasonal product, or introduce a new treatment.

Whichever idea you feel will be beneficial, the most important thing to remember is any and all ideas to help promote your business and grow your following is a good business move. Building brand awareness, getting people in the door, and retaining who is loyal will help you gain momentum during a slow season. Sit back and enjoy that pumpkin latte as you create ideas to help you and your business.

By: Liz Petrick

Below are some resources and tips to boost your online presence and develop some new business practices:

Social Media Memes

Memes and social media go hand in hand and are about connecting with people online. Social media is your platform and memes are a way to express yourself, present an idea, or share some knowledge in a creative way. Check out ASCP’s social media memes to boost your online presence and stay connected with your client base.


ASCP Marketing Bundles

ASCP’s marketing bundles provides customized, branded materials including post cards, gift cards, social media cover photos, loyalty reward cards, and so much more. Take this opportunity to up your media presence with branded materials and promote future appointments. A great way to continue driving revenue is by selling gift cards for future appointments.



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