Tapping into the Male Skin Care Market

In 2021, the men’s personal care segment of the skin care industry dominated with a revenue share of 45.6%. https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/mens-personal-care-m.... As more men are becoming comfortable in learning about skin care and beauty, space is being created for this client base, and more treatments are being tailored to accommodate them. This booming male client base is enjoying the benefits of facials and body treatments in the spa. According to the International Spa Association, men now comprise almost 50% of spa clientele.

It should come as no surprise that men want not only a relaxing spa service but also positive results delivered with professionalism and little to no downtime. If you want to tap into this expanding clientele, simply adding “Men’s Facial” to your service menu is not enough. As with any spa marketing, in order to build your clientele, the male market must be purposefully targeted. 

Marketing to Male Spa ClientsMale client get's his brows done

Interestingly, males possess a stronger fight-or-flight reflex than females. Generally speaking, if a man pulls up to your salon and something—anything—about it is threatening or stressful to him, he’s more likely than a female client to just drive away or not rebook. Keep this in mind when mapping your marketing plan. The key to bringing in the male client is to make them feel invited, welcome, and comfortable. 

Often imagery for spas is women oriented. Change up your marketing and promotions to include pictures of confident men receiving treatments or consider having a landing page specific to men. This is a great way to educate your prospective male clients on the spa treatments.

Men’s Skin Care Menu

Skin care is for all, but sometimes men need treatments made just for them. To better serve the male client looking for efficiency, a menu made just for them may be the answer. The men’s skin care menu should include treatments using neutral, clean fragrances, express treatments for the eyes and beard area, spot treatments, and full facials. Men generally have thicker, more oily skin, so consider utilizing alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, and muds and clays to pull toxins.

Personal VIP Invitations

The male client is far more apt to enter your predominantly female environment if he’s been personally invited. A personal invitation tells him “It’s OK for you to be here; we want you to come in.” Referrals are the ultimate personal invitation, so begin building your male clientele through your female clients. Keep your ears open during your client interactions for those moments you can help your clients personally invite the men in their lives to become your clients. Creating a referral program and handing out referral cards is also a great way to build your male clientele.

Host a Skin Care for Men Event

Host an event for Men’s Health Month, Father’s Day, or an open house just to get your name out there. Tell your current clients—the wives, girlfriends, daughters—to invite the men in their lives. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself or offer a limited number of hand treatments, eye treatments, and even a beard facial. Give your guests a tour of the spa, share your new men’s skin care menu, and consider giving out a goodie bag of product or put your guests’ names into a drawing to win a free treatment.  

If you’re not comfortable with so much testosterone in your treatment room, welcome men with a couple’s treatment. This will not only ease your discomfort but will also make him feel welcome and invited to return. The male’s initial venture into the spa will be under his belt, and an offer to encourage him to return should be stuffed in his pocket. 

By ASCP Staff

Male clientele can increase your business tremendously. By marketing directly to men, making males feel invited, welcome, and comfortable, your books will fill up in no time and you’ll see your client base booming.

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