Thermal Shock

Thermal Shock
The only hot and cold relationship you need

From light therapy to stem-cell technology and from cryotherapy to thermal shock, noninvasive, antiaging technology abounds in today’s wellness marketplace. However, some methods have been proven to be more effective than others. Yet, while the benefits of cryoliposis have produced promising results, it’s a one-dimensional treatment.   

Researchers find that contrast therapy, or thermal shock, produces more benefits—from killing fat cells to reversing the signs of aging—than any other treatment. For estheticians and spa owners seeking science-backed tools not requiring medical oversight to help their clients see faster and more noticeable results in the mirror, here is what you should know about how thermal shock works and why researchers are so excited about this emerging anti-aging technology.

How Thermal Shock Works—According to Science

Where the application of cold alone—as in cryoliposis—has been shown to break down fat cells, which can contribute to the unsightly appearance of cellulite, thermal shock goes a step further in eliminating the cells from the body through lymphatic drainage for more immediate and effective results. Using alternating cycles of hot and cold, thermal shock kills fat cells and reverses the signs of cellulite by increasing blood flow and circulation, stimulating the production of collagen, and improving overall skin elasticity.


Reduction in Fat and Cellulite

By using extreme cold to constrict blood vessels, thermal-shock treatments are able to break down fat cells without damaging other tissues. By alternating cold with hot temperatures, the noninvasive therapy kills subcutaneous fat cells and then expels them from the body, gradually eliminating the signs of cellulite and promoting a smooth skin surface. In a case study of 92 women, aged 31–62 years old, 69 women saw a complete reduction in cellulite of the legs via thermal shock treatment across eight sessions. Nineteen women saw moderate improvement and only little or no improvement.

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin ages due to a reduction in collagen and elastin production. By increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissue, thermal shock promotes a more youthful appearance. When consistently applied to the face and neck, this contrast therapy stimulates the production of collagen and improves skin elasticity, effectively smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Other benefits include reducing puffiness around the eyes, the appearance of reduced pore size, and decreased inflammation. And, while skin vessels and capillaries undergo a period of vasoconstriction to break down toxins stored in skin layers, an alternating cycle of vasodilatation efficiently expels the toxins from the body. This process paves the way for healthy skin cells to emerge for a taut, more supple appearance of facial skin.

Alternate Options: Why Cryo T-Shock?

Noninvasive and painless, the Cryo T-Shock System by Pagani is a fat reducing, cellulite-busting, face-lifting, antiaging tool with proven results and no down time. This thermal shock system comes with globally patented contact thermography that has the ability to objectively diagnose, treat, and quantify results. Using thermographic imaging to visually demonstrate the type and density of fat and cellulite and validate post-treatment effectiveness, the system eliminates the guesswork, allowing estheticians, massage therapists, and spa owners to establish a treatment plan with confidence, track progress, and deliver an experience clients can trust—all backed by science. Contact Cryo Generation to learn more.



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