TikTok Beauty Trends

TikTok has the potential to inspire and educate both our clients and us with weird—but sometimes wonderful—beauty advice. However, it is also known for being controversial, partially because unqualified individuals are sharing opinions on how products and services function, and they aren’t always accurate. 

The issue is that the beauty industry has become so easily accessible via social media that virtually anyone can access “expert” knowledge and learn more about beauty tips and trends without any barriers. Accessing this content so easily means we are also consuming it quickly, so creators constantly need to get creative and come up with new trends to keep engagement across their channels.

Lack of regulation and accountability on social media allows for the spread of misinformation and potentially harmful beauty practices. While some creators may genuinely share helpful tips and tricks, others may promote unsafe or unverified methods. Without proper guidance or oversight, users may follow these practices, unknowingly causing themselves skin damage. 

Trying to keep up with TikTok's ever-evolving trends can be tough for people struggling with poor body image and low self-esteem. It may intensify any negative feelings they hold towards themselves because they feel they’ll never be able to meet the (unrealistic) expectations set by social media platforms.

Despite all this, staying in the loop with trending topics is essential for estheticians simply for the purpose of keeping our clients informed.  

Here, we dive into a few of the beauty trends that are viral on TikTok right now.  

1. Glass skin—This term isn’t new, and started with K-Beauty. The goal is to achieve skin that is so clear and free of enlarged pores that it mimics glass. This look is attained by applying multiple layers of hydrating toners, serums, and moisturizing products. But glass skin is not for everyone—people with oily and acne-prone skin may want to avoid overapplication of products and clients need to set realistic expectations for results. 


2. Micro beauty—This trend embraces short hair, short nails, and short makeup routines with the aim of achieving an effortless look. It’s all about efficiency and simplicity. For estheticians who choose to embrace micro beauty in the treatment room, alter your treatment times, offer à la carte pricing, and retail streamlined treatment kits to clients. 


3. Latte makeup—This trend promotes a modern, sun-kissed look and is a nod to the 90s. It emphasizes neutral brows, glossy highlights, and a bronzed appearance. It’s considered universally flattering, since brown makeup tones can be cool or warm. The rule of thumb when choosing eye and cheek color is to opt for tones that are 2–3 shades darker than your skin tone.  


4. Face yoga—This trend suggests that practicing facial exercises promotes a younger-looking appearance and allegedly tones and tightens the skin. Lymphatic massage is worth incorporating into your facial services and is especially effective when accompanied by topical anti-aging products.  


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