Trying New Things

Trying New Things

By Phenix Founder & Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

It’s so easy to get in a routine of doing the same thing every day when we own and operate our own businesses. Afterall, things might be going well, so why try anything new? I have thought about this question a lot and I’ve realized when I try new things I actually benefit in several ways.

First, typically trying new things can also involve meeting new people. You may meet a teacher or a mentor that shows you something new. Further, you may meet people who are engaging in the same activity. These relationships can be powerful and often lead to additional opportunities professionally in the future.

Second, trying new things exposes you to new ideas and helps you to think in a broader way. New ideas can be very stimulating especially when you are applying them to your work. Not only do they prevent boredom with your profession, putting new ideas into action can break up the routine. Whenever you take on something new, you are working towards being fresh and current. In the beauty industry if you aren’t ahead of the trend, then you’re behind it, so trying new things is not only the right choice, it’s a necessary choice.

Next, being successful at work includes being technically sound and generating a good revenue stream. However, it’s also important to have job satisfaction. We’ve all heard the saying “Love what you do and the money will come”. There is certainly some truth in this statement.  When we take in new information, we are provided the chance to grow as a person and fall in love with our profession all over again.

Finally, it’s important that we embrace the opportunities to learn new things.  Embracing the opportunities is at times about taking a risk or chance. Nothing brings life back to the salon like capitalizing on a new opportunity.

As professionals, it’s important that we consider incorporating new techniques, tools and technology on a regular basis. However, with everything available, it can obviously feel overwhelming at times.  I recommend selecting just one new item a month that you would like to try. It may be something as small as trying a new brand of a product that you regularly use or it could be something big, bold, and new. The choice is yours. I believe that when we try new things, our skill set is increased and our motivation is elevated. I can’t wait to see what you try!

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