Ultrasonic Facial With Microneedling

Nanoneedling and oblation, also known as the ultrasonic skin scrubber, is a minimally invasive procedure with no downtime. However, performing a proper consultation and prepping the skin are key. As we age, the skin’s ability to heal slows down. As a result, it’s important to prep the skin with good quality skincare leading up to the treatment and ensure your client is following post care instructions including a daily SPF.

Presented by: Tina Zillmann, LE, CLHRP

Tina Zillmann is a clinically-centered aesthetician with expertise in aging skin and wrinkle reduction, hyperpigmentation and sun damage, acne therapy and scar revision. She has three full-service rejuvenation centers and medical spas in San Antonio [Broadway, Sonterra, and Spring Branch], a cosmeceutical skin care line [Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts], and two full-service salons [Blown Beautiful Blow Dry + Color Bar]. 

Having over 25 years experience in clinical aesthetic applications, Tina continues to fuel her knowledge in product innovations, medical aesthetics and surgical procedures that have profound impacts on the skin. Every venture created stems from her passion and dedication in beauty. 

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