Uncover Your Skin’s Radiance with NeoGenesis

Fall is the perfect time to offer a beautiful new facial to gently reveal glowing skin after the heat, humidity, and long sunny days of summer have taken their toll. By the time fall arrives, the skin may seem dry and dull, more pigmented, and just plain tired. Help is on the way.

NeoGenesis products offer a unique approach to all skin conditions. Our products have no contraindications and are oncology safe. Can something that is so gentle to the skin be effective in treating skin conditions? The simple and complete answer is “yes, it is very effective.” Let’s dive into why this is true.

NeoGenesis has patented S2RM® or Stem Cell Released Molecules technology. This breakthrough in skin care uses the molecules, or proteins, that stem cells release to repair and rejuvenate the skin. These molecules contain a variety of proteins that are necessary for complete skin health. They are the same molecules that our own stem cells release in abundance when we are young and healthy, however with age, this process that occurs naturally begins to decline in its function. NeoGenesis is able to replace those molecules topically, returning the skin to a healthy and balanced function. We bring back that glow of younger, healthier skin.

NeoGenesis offers custom education and business building to Estheticians and other skin care professionals. We believe that each business is unique, with different needs and we meet those needs by offering a very customized approach to our training.

The following facial protocol combines our S2RM® products with some of our newest skin care creations for the ultimate in gentle and effective skin renewal.

NeoGenesis products for facial treatment:  Cleanser, Enzyme Crème Mask, Recovery, Skin Serum, Eye Serum, Moisturizing Mist, Light or Intensive Moisturizer, Barrier Renewal Cream, 8% Mandelic Serum (new) and Volcanic Ash Mask (new).

NeoGenesis products for home care:  Cleanser, Serum (Recovery, Booster or Skin Serum), Eye Serum, Moisturizing Mist, Moisturizer (Light Moisturizer, Intensive Moisturizer, Barrier Renewal Cream). Optional: Enzyme Crème Mask or Volcanic Ash Mask.

Skin Radiance Facial

Step 1 Cleanse the skin with the NeoGenesis Cleanser.

Step 2 Perform a second cleanse with the NeoGenesis Cleanser.

Step 3 Apply the 8% Mandelic Acid Serum, a 4.5 pH serum on all skin types, especially those with hyperpigmentation, melasma and/or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Do not apply to the eye area or lips. Do not remove.

Step 4 Gently exfoliate the skin with the Enzyme Crème Mask.  Apply a thin layer to the skin and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes.  Remove with warm wet towel or sponges.

Step 5 If needed, perform extractions.  Gently remove any remaining debris on the skin with 4 x 4 wipes or a warm towel.

Step 6 Mist the skin with Moisturizing Mist or use on cotton rounds to complete extractions.

Step 7 Apply NeoGenesis Recovery to the face and neck.

Step 8 Apply a pea-size amount of Eye Serum and pat gently around the entire eye area.

Step 9 Perform a facial massage with medium of choice.  Remove any remaining product with warm wet towels or sponges. 

Step 10 Apply a thin layer of the Volcanic Ash Mask to the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. The mask revitalizes the skin and infuses important minerals into the skin. Remove after 10 minutes using disposable sponges or 4 x 4’s. This dark green mask will stain towels.

Step 11 Using Moisturizing Mist on cotton rounds, remove any remaining mask from the skin.

Step 12 Apply 1 pump of Skin Serum or Booster to the face and neck.

Step 13 Apply a pea-size amount of Eye Serum and pat gently around the entire eye area.

Step 14 Apply 1 to 2 pumps of Light Moisturizer or Intensive Moisturizer*, and for those with extreme inflammation or barrier impaired skin, finish with Barrier Renewal Cream to the face and neck.

*Use Light Moisturizer for those with oily skin or in humid climates. Intensive Moisturizer for dry/dehydrated skin or dry climates.

Step 15 Apply chemical free sunscreen to the face and neck for protection.

The skin has been gently exfoliated and renewed to reveal healthy, glowing skin. Add the NeoGenesis home care products for long term skin rejuvenation and that daily glow.

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