Vermont Barber and Cosmetology Advisory Board Seeking Members

The Vermont Barber and Cosmetology Advisory Board (Advisory Board) has two vacant seats. One seat is for a Vermont-licensed barber and the other is for a Vermont-licensed esthetician. If you are interested in serving as an advisory member, ASCP encourages eligible members to consider applying for an appointment, since it’s a way to become more engaged in the profession.

Am I Qualified?
Serving on the Advisory Board with licensed professionals is a rewarding opportunity to learn about various functions of state government and provide an important service to the community. To qualify for an appointment, applicants must:

  • Hold a Vermont barber or esthetician license
  • Have at least three years of experience as a barber or esthetician
  • Be actively engaged in the practice of barbering or esthetics while serving on the Advisory Board

How Do I Apply?
Fill out this form to apply for an Advisory Board position and follow the application prompts outlined below:

  1. Select “Barbers & Cosmetologists” from the dropdown menu
  2. Select your application type (initial or reappointment)
  3. Enter the requested personal information
  4. Answer the employment and criminal background questions
  5. Share your relevant professional experience
  6. List your references and attach a copy of your resume

About the Advisory Board
Licensing barbers, cosmetologists, estheticians, and nail technicians is overseen by the Office of Professional Regulation (OPR). These professions are governed by the Advisory Board, which seeks to carry out the OPR’s mission: to protect the public by developing minimum barriers to entry.

The Advisory Board consists of four members appointed by the secretary of state. Advisory members serve five-year terms. Compensation is provided at $50 per board meeting, plus mileage reimbursement.
Learn more about Advisory Board duties here and email if you need assistance or have questions. Help shape the future of Vermont barbering and cosmetology and apply for a Board appointment today.

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