Waxing Dos & Don'ts [PODCAST]

Ep 27 - Oops-a-Doozy! Waxing Dos & Don’ts

We’ve all been there. That moment when you’re giving your client a waxing treatment and something doesn’t quite go right or how you expected. This episode of ASCP Esty Talk with Emily Morgan, ASCP Membership Program Manager, and co-host Ella Cressman, is nothing short of entertaining. Join the conversation as they reminisce on personal hair (and soul)-removing experiences, how to brace your clients for “the suck,” working with long-haired “Rapunzel” clients, and our scariest waxing horror story. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, and you’ll come away learning some great dos and don’ts about waxing!

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About Ella Cressman: 

Ella Cressman is a licensed esthetician, certified organic formulator, business owner, and absolute ingredient junkie! As an educator, she enjoys empowering other estheticians and industry professionals to understand skin care from an ingredient standpoint rather than a product-specific view. 

She has spent many hours researching ingredients, understanding how and where they are sourced, as well as phytochemistry, histological access, and complementary compounds for intentional skin benefits. In addition to running a skin care practice, Cressman founded a comprehensive consulting group, the HHP Collective, and has consulted for several skin care lines, including several successful CBD brands. 

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