What do you know about male Brazilian waxing?

Upcoming Webinar: "Brazilian Waxing: Male Model Demo"

Brazilian waxing is one of the most common spa services—and men can be your loyal clients, too.

Lori Nestore, a.k.a. the Wax Queen, is a highly sought-after educator and the CEO of Eva's Esthetics and Tuél Skin Care. She is a cosmetologist, esthetician, and waxing expert. She was first recognized for her expertise in waxing treatments and training 30 years ago and continues to be a leader in the American waxing world today.

This webinar will be aired at the free ASCP Skin Care Summit on January 16, 2017!

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All Topics Featured at the ASCP Skin Care Summit:

  • Male Brazilian Waxing demo
  • Advanced Chemical Peels
  • Photo-Ready Make Up demo
  • All About Acne: The Answers
  • 2017 Trend Report
  • The 3 S's of Successful Marketing
  • Getting Your Name In the Spotlight

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