Wyoming Reexamines Examination Providers and Payments

Wyoming is seeking to make licensing exams more accessible. The Board of Cosmetology (Board) issued proposed rules that would establish new examination providers and fees for estheticians, cosmetologists, hairstylists, and instructors.

The proposed rules would allow the Board to introduce computer-based exams for both initial and instructor licensing exams. The computer-based exams would be theory-based, and the fee for these exams would be paid by applicants directly to a testing administration company. The Board would still conduct the hands-on practical exams.

Since the current $100 exam fee collected by the Board covers both the written and practical exams, the proposed rule would lower the exam fee to $50—a sound suggestion since candidates will be paying the Board only for the practical exam.

The proposed rules would also require exam applicants who fail either (or both) the theory-based or hands-on practical phase of their exam to retake the phase(s) they fail. Applicants would have to register and pay the appropriate fee(s) to the Board and/or testing administration company before retaking the exam(s).

Do you agree and accept the terms and conditions to the proposed rules? ASCP encourages you to elevate your voice and submit comments to the Board at sharon.bennett@wyo.gov before September 29 to show your support of, or opposition to, the proposed rules.

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