Call for Kentucky Board of Massage Therapy Members

The Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy ( (the Board) is seeking an applicant to serve a three-year term on the Board. There is currently a vacancy for a licensed massage therapist.

The Board consists of seven members—five must be LMTs, and at least one but no more than two can be owners or directors of a board-approved school. Candidates must be residents of Kentucky for at least one year and have been practicing massage therapy for at least five of the past seven years.

The purpose of the Board is to administer and enforce the statutory authority to address the safety of the public and the massage therapy community. The Board examines and licenses all eligible candidates for entry into the profession by overseeing licensure applications and renewals. It recommends appropriate changes in the law by adopting rules and regulations and conducts formal hearings when necessary in response to disciplinary issues.

Interested applicants must complete the online Boards and Commissions Application ( through Governor Beshear’s website as soon as possible.


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