New Missouri Massage Therapy Rules: CSR 2197

The Missouri Division of Regulation and Licensure adopted several new rule changes that will go into effect February 29, 2019. The rules impact multiple subject areas, and ABMP has summarized the changes below. You can view the full text here:

Provisional License 2197 - 2.030

The new rules state that the board requires two sets of fingerprints for the criminal background check as part of the provisional license application. This brings it in line with other methods of licensure. Additionally, a provisional license is now valid for only one year, instead of two. 

Student License 2197 - 2.040

Results of a criminal background check as part of a student application is valid for only one year, instead of two. A student license will expire six months after the issue date, or when the student completes or withdraws from a massage therapy program or apprenticeship. A student license can be renewed if a student submits to the massage therapy school or certified mentor a letter that explains their reasoning for a license renewal.

License Renewal 2197 - 2.050

The new rules have decreased the minimum number of years a licensee must keep evidence of continuing education course participation from six years to four.

The board has also provided a timeline for licensees who wish to renew a lapsed license. A lapsed license must be reinstated within two years of the expiration date, provided the licensee submits to the board a reinstatement form, applicable fees, and proof of continuing education. If a lapsed license is not renewed within two years, the licensee must submit to the board an application for licensure, applicable fees, and comply with current licensure requirements. 

Lastly, the name on a massage therapist’s license must match their current legal name. The new rules require any change in name, address, email, or telephone number to be submitted to the board in writing within 30 days of the change. 

Issuance, Renewal, and Changes to a Business License 2197 - 5.020

A business license applicant must submit to the board the following:

  • A completed, notarized application with applicable fee
  • A background check conducted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Proof of business liability insurance
  • A list of business owners

Similarly, a massage establishment that is sold or transfers ownership must submit the above documentation. The business must also submit proof of the sale or change in ownership.


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