Washington Issues a New COVID-19 Guidance Document

In a June 29, 2021, press release, Governor Jay Inslee addressed COVID-19 business operations plans. There were two noteworthy takeaways:

  1. As of June 30, 2021, businesses and professions licensed by Washington’s Department of Licensing (DOL)—including licensed estheticians, hair professionals, and nail professionals—no longer need to follow industry-specific guidance documents developed by the governor’s office.

    Instead, a new guidance document issued by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries applies to private businesses, and addresses when employees need to wear masks, how to verify employee vaccination status, how to protect unvaccinated staff, and more.
  2.  As of June 30, 2021, fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear facial coverings, unless required by individual businesses.

    Per the new guidance document, individuals who work in the health-care industry must continue to wear a mask while at work. In the state of Washington, massage therapists are considered health-care professionals and must therefore continue to wear a mask while working.

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