Cosmetology May be Deregulated in West Virginia

House Bill 2325 (HB 2325) has been introduced in West Virginia this legislative session and would impact skin care, hair, and nail professionals. HB 2325 seeks to eliminate continuing education requirements for licensed individuals and would initiate the deregulation of cosmetology:

“The board may not restrict or regulate the use, application, or administration,
by unlicensed persons whether for compensation or not, of hair, nail, skin and
other beauty products that are generally available through retail sale at groceries,
drug stores and other stores offering a broad variety of consumer products.”

It is our understanding that HB 2325 would allow anyone without a license or training to use skin care, hair, and nail products or tools purchased at a retail store. Industry professionals require strict adherence to proper sanitation and infection control procedures and this bill disregards public health and safety during a global pandemic. In addition, there are potential liability issues when an untrained individual performs services that other individuals are highly trained to perform.

Eliminating continuing education requirements may impede skills development. Professionals in the skin care, hair, and nail industries often seek pathways to elevate their craft, and removing continuing education as a provision to licensure could work against these efforts.

HB 2325 was introduced February 12, 2021, passed through the House February 19, 2021, and has been assigned to the Senate Government Organization Committee. The bill is moving quickly, and we encourage you to use this easy-to-follow advocacy email template to voice your opinion before HB 2325 moves forward. Simply fill out the email template with the appropriate information and send it to the committee members found at the link above. You can also send comments to your own representatives and senators. You should have two representatives and senators per district. Find your representatives here and your senators here.

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