The Esthetician's Guide to Energy in the Treatment Room

Have you ever experienced a time where all of a sudden you felt drained and tired after a treatment?

Estheticians are exposed to many energies while working with clients and various personalities. As estheticians, we often have a heightened awareness of the energy that comes into our spaces. Learning how to deflect and absorb different types of energy is the key to staying engaged and effective in your business. In this webinar we’ll discuss what energy is and go over practical ways to protect yourself and your space, along with constructive ways to improve it.

Esthetician, speaker, author, and Reiki master teacher, Linda Bertaut takes the mysticism out of understanding energy and energy healing. Linda is the founder of Chakralicious and has pioneered energy healing with Reiki and Transformative Esthetics in the beauty industry. She is a contributing author to the Milady Standard Esthetics Advanced textbook on wellness therapies for estheticians.

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