Q&A with RN Faces

Stephanie Holvick, RN, owner of RN Faces

Q. How did you decide to make the move from nursing to a career in skin care?
A: I started my nursing career in 1982, working at prestigious institutions like Emory University’s Medical University of South Carolina as a surgical nurse. I was quickly  drawn to the transformations made in the plastic surgery world. In 1993, I took the plunge and became a cosmetic nurse tattooist and performed permanent makeup for those who could not apply their own due to physical constraints.

Q: How did you start RN Faces?
A: I continued my permanent makeup practice—along with skin care—for years, and then began to share my knowledge and experiences with others in the field by way of equipment sales and training courses. I was very lucky to have such great mentors in my career who helped me  build my business  and presence in the skin care industry. My business grew at the speed of light. Like many who take the leap of faith to start their own businesses, I went through many transformations to get where I am today. I am currently a full-time consultant educator and equipment distributor. The evolution of my business has had many twists and turns, but all for the good, and I’m always propelling ahead.

Q: What new skin care technologies are you most excited about?
A: The technology that has excited me in my skin care business throughout the years is the Skin Classic—a non-laser, affordable treatment for minor skin irregularities. Direct high frequency and little downtime has produced many happy clients with outstanding results.

Procell is another technology we are very excited about. It is complementary to the Skin Classic.  The  combination microdermabrasion and microchanneling device, along with stem cell serum, produces beautiful results—especially if the skin has been cleared of minor skin irregularities. It’s kind of like putting icing on the cake.

Q: What do you love about owning your own business?
A: I love so many things. For one, I can manage my business around my life, instead of managing my life around my business. I can take the risks of bringing new ideas to my business without interference from a corporation or other owners. I also feel there is something to improve every day, so I’m constantly working on my business regarding social media, developing ideas to educate others, and discovering new  products. I love traveling across the United States, seeing all the different ways people operate their businesses, and observing all of the terrific technology out there. Also, as an entrepreneur, I am able to make decisions quickly in order to propel my business in the direction I want it to go.

Q: What is your personal philosophy regarding leadership?
A: True leadership has many qualities: leading by example, having a clear mission statement, feeling a sense of urgency, and placing clients above all else.

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