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  • ASCP Career Toolkits, career guidance with industry specific calculators
  • Your own Online Portfolio featuring our easy-to-use portfolio builder to show your skills to potential employers
  • Access to ASCP’s library of on-demand educational webinars
  • Liability insurance for school activities to protect you from lawsuits
  • A $59 discount on your first year of ASCP Professional membership
  • ASCP Skin Deep digital magazine, our publication for professional estheticians
  • Exclusive ASCP Student Life Resources

ASCP Student Life

What is ASCP Student Life?

ASCP Student Life is a series of resources designed to help you make it through school as the best esthetician you can be. We’ll send you the best tips, tricks, and techniques on a regular basis throughout your time in school so that you’re ready to start the career of your dreams.

ASCP Student Life brings you:

  • Technique videos, chosen specifically to support and strengthen what students are learning in school.
  • Study hacks, a link to study tools students can download and share.
  • Feature articles, highlighting former students sharing their stories, both good and bad, to help current students master their classroom experience.
  • Discounts, available to help students save money on products and services they use every day.
  • Take 5, a curated collection of practical tips for leading a healthy, less stressful student lifestyle.

Upgrade to ASCP Premium Student membership today for just $15!


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