Cancer Survivor Beauty & Support Day

Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day (CSBSD) is a nationwide and international event that takes place every year on the first Tuesday in June. This year, it's June 4, 2019, but we encourage you to participate any day this month! It is a day of volunteering when those in the beauty and related industries in all fifty states offer complimentary services to all men, women, and children cancer survivors, regardless of their type of cancer or when they were diagnosed. All cancer survivors are invited to participate and, for many, CSBSD is the only time during the year that they receive a little personal kindness, warm support and tender pampering.

Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day (CSBSD) is a purely volunteer event with no monies being raised and with no solicitations being made on that day or at any other time of the year. Unless a cancer survivor posts on social media or emails the CSBSD chairperson, no one is ever privy to those survivors who participate in the day. Thousands of volunteers from the spa, beauty, and wellness industries freely give their support and services on this day to all cancer survivors. Volunteers decide what services they will offer, and they post the CSBSD flyer or their own poster to let clients know about CSBSD. Cancer survivors make their own appointments for that day. On the Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day website, there is a listing of all participating locations by state, by city, in alphabetical order for cancer survivors to reference.

Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day is continually reaching out to every cancer survivor to let them know about this wonderful day of beauty and support. Each year, the number of cancer survivors learning about and enjoying a complimentary beauty service grows. Each year, more salons, spas, beauty shops, barber shops, massage salons, and more places of beauty and wellness join the participation list and volunteer their services. If there is not listed a participating salon near to where a survivor lives, then the cancer survivor is encouraged to email CSBSD at with the names and telephone numbers of a few establishments closest to where they live so that they can be contacted and hopefully added to the participation list.

For more information, contact Barbara Paget at (847) 951-0261 

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