In Case You Missed It: Skin Deep Winter 2023

The winter issue of Skin Deep magazine came out in January with articles to help you in your technique, business practices, and general knowledge. In case you missed it, here are a few highlights:  

Client Communication   

Communicating with your clients is vital to your career; it’s how you book them, make sure they’re comfortable during a service, re-book future appointments, and interact with them between appointments. This issue, we explored how your body language factors into your communication skills and how you can foster a great relationship at the very start of every service.  

Read: “Body Language Speaks Volumes” by Jen Anderson

Read: “Great Client Relationships Start with Great Consultations” by Liz Kline

Caring for Pregnant Clients  

Your pregnant clientele want (and need) some extra pampering during this very important period of their lives. Spring Weaver explains how to care for them properly with the right ingredients and treatments. And Benjamin Knight Fuchs touches on melasma, a condition that’s common with pregnant people, and how you can help address this hyperpigmentation disease. 

Read: “What to Do When They’re Expecting” by Spring Weaver 

Read: “More than Meets the Eye: Preventing and Addressing Melasma” by Benjamin Knight Fuchs

Following the Trends 

New skin-care trends are seemingly popping up every day on social media. We cleared through the clutter to share the most important ones. Read all about skin cycling and how you can guide your clients into curating their at-home routines. Then, listen to Ella Cressman and Maggie Staszcuk chat about the biggest fads to keep an eye on this year. 

Read: “Skin Cycling Success” by Lisa Bakewell 

Listen: ASCP Esty Talk Podcast, Episode 160, “Emerging Skin Care Trends” 


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