Coronavirus and Your Practice

COVID-19 Updates

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To move forward in this time of uncertainty, we have developed a breadth of resources for the skin care profession. In addition to financial relief information, answers to your FAQs, and state updates, we have a created very thorough, heartfelt review of the issues and challenges you will face when you resume your practice. From preparing your treatment room and office for return to practice, to before/during/after session interaction, to detailed sanitation guidelines, you will find a clear, specific Back-to-Practice Guide, when you are ready for it. 

Here at ASCP, we remain focused on supporting you during these unprecedented times. We are committed to you, and we are committed to getting through this together.

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As this situation evolves, it’s important to stay informed through credible sources such as the
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.


COVID-19 Updates from ASCP






Does disability insurance cover illness (i.e. in the case of contracting COVID-19 and needing time off to recover)?

Excellent question Alia. ASCP membership does not include disability coverage as a member benefit, only professional, general, and product liability insurance. To learn more about disability insurance options, I encourage you to reach out to our partner, Salon & Spa Benefits for information regarding disability insurance, critical illness, health, dental, and more. ASCP members receive a special discount on rates and they will be able to accurately address your questions and concerns.

Emily Morgan (ASCP Membership Program Manager)