COVID-19 ASCP Communication to School Partners

Dear School Partner,

ASCP has heard from many of our concerned school partners over the past few days as COVID-19 escalates. With waves of heightened CDC warnings, many beauty schools are temporarily closing, whether voluntarily or, in some cases, mandated by their state’s governing body. Many of you are seeking approval of distance learning so your students can continue their education without being physically at school.

This time is daunting in several respects. No one knows how long closures, isolations, and suspensions will last, or how long it will take the virus to run its course in the United States, let alone the world.

It’s not easy to avoid hitting the panic button under these circumstances but try to focus on the things you have control over your actions, decisions, and responses. Now is the time to practice physical and mental self-care. Remain positive and informed to the best of your ability and communicate with your instructors and students on a regular basis.  Luckily, with today’s technology, it’s easy to stay in touch through video-conferencing and email.  If you are an ASCP Premier School member, you and your students have access to extensive online educational resources. Resources include a substantial video library on a variety of topics and techniques, the exclusive Career Toolkits with interactive calculators, a website/online portfolio builder, and the digital ASCP Skin Deep magazine — all can help enhance your students’ distance learning experience.

As states and the nation trigger emergency operations, understand that those decisions make way for key funding for maintenance and recovery initiatives. It’s too early to know how individual business owners will be able to access that funding, but stay tuned to your state and county departments of public health websites for evolving information and, of course, the US Centers for Disease Control.

Unfortunately, there is no guidebook or directive to let school owners know what the correct answers are in this situation, or even when that answer might change. The Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization are our guiding authorities when it comes to health issues. The CDC has published Considerations for School Closure that may be helpful to you if you are deciding the best course of action for your school.

ASCP is doing our best to make sure we have helpful and pertinent up-to-date information on

ASCP will continue to support our school partners and, as always, we will continue to offer excellent service, striving to live up to our motto: It’s all about YOU.

Kindest regards,

Tracy Donley                Jesse Cormier
Executive Director      Senior Director, School Outreach

If you have ideas on how your school is navigating COVID-19, please share them with us at We’d love to hear from you.

For additional information and resources, please check out our blog, "Coronavirus and Your Practice" to learn more.



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