Esty Protocols: Natural Microneedling Alternative

By Elina Organics

Many spas have been searching for the perfect, natural alternative to rejuvenation treatments like microneedling procedures. Microcrystal dermal infusion treatments may be the new skin care go-to for natural rejuvenation and the regeneration of collagen and elastin. This treatment uses spicules (microcrystals) of varying sizes extracted from several types of freshwater and marine sponges to resurface and polish the skin. The microcrystals are enriched with bioactive extracts that deliver rapid and visible skin-restoring results for a variety of complexions. 

Microcrystal dermal infusion treatments utilize the spicules’ specific shape and natural components to deliver profound results. Spicules are formed organically in a genetically controlled way, usually 150–250 microns long and 20–35 microns wide. Some are even visible to the naked eye. These spicules are needle-shaped cylinders with pointed ends, which facilitate insertion deep into skin layers. Spicules are made of biosilica and spongin, a type of binding protein that gives sponges flexibility. Spongin can rejuvenate, firm, and soothe skin. Once the spicules are extracted from natural sources, they are  
purified and processed into microcrystals for skin care treatments. 

Like microneedling, the natural microcrystals breach the skin barrier to create a controlled injury that increases collagen and elastin regeneration and stimulates microcirculation and other self-repair mechanisms. During microcrystal dermal infusion treatments, the spicules create multiple channels by penetrating the skin’s stratum corneum barrier, which causes the percutaneous absorption of rejuvenating and skin-protecting nutrients. After this treatment, the microcrystals can stay in the skin for 3–4 days as they continuously deliver profound results.  

This dermal infusion treatment is especially impressive because microcrystals form naturally—chemicals and artificial processes are not necessary to achieve stunning results.A female client displays before and after results from her microcrystal dermal infusion treatment.

Sponges (phylum Porifera) are among the oldest creatures on earth and offer so many benefits. Over 5,000 species live in oceans, lakes, and calm rivers worldwide. Most freshwater and marine sponges are composed of mesohyl, a jelly-like substance primarily made of collagen and structured by spicules. Most sponges are filter feeders and have developed a natural defense against pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Ongoing research on bioactive substances extracted from sponges has demonstrated significant antioxidant, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and microbiome-enhancing properties. 

In particular, infusions of Lubomirskia baicalensis and other sponges from Lake Baikal in Russia have been used to create remedies for inflamed, damaged, and bruised skin for centuries. Traditionally, these sponges have been dried and ground as an effective exfoliant and skin-resurfacing agent for scars and hyperpigmentation. They are also used in many Russian medicinal preparations. Compresses and face masks made with Lubomirskia baicalensis and other sponges can regulate sebum secretion, increase fibroblast regeneration, and aid overall skin resiliency. 

Microcrystal dermal infusion facial treatments are effective for aging, scarred, and discolored complexions, including stubborn melasma.

However, for extremely sensitive or rosacea-prone skin, we need to use refined microcrystals, which are from spicules of very small sizes: 180–250 microns.  

It is also important to note that clients may notice their skin beginning to peel 2–3 days after the treatment due to intense skin regeneration stimulated by microcrystals. For this reason, you should educate clients ahead of time so they can schedule their dermal infusion treatment at least a week before any special event. This microcrystal treatment is the perfect combination of effective skin polishing and rejuvenation with 100 percent natural ingredients. 


Elina Organics 

Baikal Microcrystals Dermal Infusion Treatment 


Step 1  

Brew a pot of tea with dried chamomile, calendula,  
and rose. Use cotton disks soaked in the herbal tea and Botanical Cleanser to cleanse the face under the steamer. Repeat to double cleanse. 

Elina Organics Step 1

Step 2  

Decongest the pores by using a vacuum or hydro-vacuum equipment. 

Elina Organics Step 2

Step 3  

Mix herbal tea with Baikal Micro-Crystals and  
blend together. 

Elina Organics Step 3

Step 4  

Apply the mixture over targeted areas on the face and neck, like deep lines, depressed scars, and hyperpigmentation. Gently press the mixture in with glass rods. Gently massage for deeper penetration. 

Elina Organics Step 4

Step 5  

Add one full dropper of Baikal Crystal Face Infusion into the blend of herbal tea and crystals, and then apply the solution all over the face and neck. 

Elina Organics Step 5

Step 6  

Proceed with manual massage over the entire face and neck. To intensify results, you can use gua sha stones over targeted areas. For sensitive skin, use a gentle pressure technique with mushroom-shaped gua sha stones. 

Elina organics Step 6

Step 7  

Prepare a warm, nourishing mask by mixing Baikal Crystal Mask and herbal tea. Apply the mask over the face and neck. 

Elina organics Step 7

Step 8  

To brighten the complexion, reduce hyperpigmentation, and intensify results, you can use a green tender beam low-level laser (525 nm) on targeted areas. If you don’t have one, you can use green LED light. 

Elina Organics Step 8

Step 9  

Apply warm compresses soaked in herbal tea and perform gentle pressure point/lymphatic drainage massage over the compresses. 

Elina Organics Step 9

Step 10  

Remove the mask with the herbal compresses and cleanse the skin with cotton pads soaked in herbal tea. 

Elina Organics Step 10

Step 11  

Apply Baikal Crystal Eye Infusion around the eye area and proceed with gentle massage with angelite or other cooling stones. 

Elina Organics Step 11

Step 12  

Apply Baikal Crystal Lip Infusion around the lip area and apply Baikal Crystal Face Infusion all over the face. 

Elina organics Step 12

Step 13  

Place a clear quartz gua sha stone over the lips and use red LED light to intensify microcirculation and lip rejuvenation. Proceed with a fine mist with oxygenated or ozonated water. 

Elina Organics Step 13

Step 14  

To calm and cool the skin, use blue LED light or other phototherapy devices. For deeper rejuvenating results, use a tender beam device through green fluorite, clear quartz, or rose quartz stones. 

Elina Organics Step 14

Step 15  

Mist Botanical Toner onto the skin. Then, moisturize and nourish the skin by massaging Baikal  
Crystal Balm over the face and neck. 

Elina Organics Step 15

Step 16  

Finish the facial by applying Sun Shelter Tinted Moisturizer containing 25 percent zinc oxide.  

Elina Organics Step 16

Header image: Spikulas of Acervochalina Copperinigi Ganimedes via Wikimedia Commons

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